Voting archives from City Council meeting on 2014-03-24

Motion to impose a moratorium of no more than one year on the acceptance of applications for new retail and medical marijuana businesses in Northglenn, including changes of location into Northglenn, and to direct the City Attorney to draft an ordinance memorializing the imposition of a moratorium, retroactive to today's date

Yes: 7, No: 1, Abstain: 0

Individual votes:

Gene Wieneke, Ward 4 NO
Joyce Downing, Mayor YES
Carol Dodge, Ward 1 YES
Joe Brown, Ward 2  
Kim Snetzinger, Ward 4 YES
Leslie Carrico, Ward 2 YES
Marci Whitman, Ward 3 YES
Wayne Dodge, Ward 1 YES
Kyle Mullica, Ward 3 YES

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