Voting archives from City Council meeting on 2014-06-09

Motion to direct the Attorney for the Authority to prepare, for action on June 23, 2014, a draft resolution reversing the Authority's decision memorialized in Resolution No. 14-47 to deny the medical marijuana center license application filed by AJO Holdings, LLC dba Natural Selections (formerly known as High Society Medical Cannabis), and approving the issuance of a medical marijuana center license

Yes: 7, No: 2, Abstain: 0

Individual votes:

Gene Wieneke, Ward 4 YES
Joyce Downing, Mayor NO
Carol Dodge, Ward 1 YES
Joe Brown, Ward 2 YES
Kim Snetzinger, Ward 4 YES
Leslie Carrico, Ward 2 NO
Marci Whitman, Ward 3 YES
Wayne Dodge, Ward 1 YES
Kyle Mullica, Ward 3 YES

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