Voting archives from City Council meeting on 2019-03-11

Consent Agenda: February 25, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes; CR-24 - Release of Per Capita Funds to NAHF; CR-26 - Historic Preservation Commission Reappt - Yvonne Lehman; CR-27 - Youth Commission Reappt - Jarrett Lobb; CR-28 - Youth Commission Reappt - Jacob Tow

Yes: 6, No: 0, Abstain: 0

Individual votes:

Marci Whitman, Ward 3 YES
Antonio Esquibel, Ward 4 YES
Becky Brown, Ward 2 YES
Jordan Sauers, Ward 1 YES
Carol Dodge, Mayor  
Meredith Leighty, Ward 1  
Julie Duran Mullica, Ward 3 YES
Jenny Willford, Ward 4 YES
Joyce Downing, Ward 2  

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