Voting archives from City Council meeting on 2023-12-04

Consent Agenda: Nov. 27, 2023 Regular Meeting Minutes; CR-157 - City Clerk Salary & First Amendment to Agreement; CR-158 - 2024 Shared Victim Services IGA; CR-159 - 2024 Police Department Records Terminal Guard IGA; CR-160 - Liquor Licensing Authority Reappointment - Michael Olivieri; CR-161 - Liquor Licensing Authority Reappointment - Sharon Whitman; CR-162 - VALE Board Reappointment - Joyce Downing; CR-163 - Youth Commission Reappointment - Meera Bipin; CR-164 - Youth Commission Reappointment - Nazly Soufiani; CR-165 - 3M and DuPont PFAS Lawsuit Settlement Participation

Yes: 8, No: 0, Abstain: 0

Individual votes:

Becky Brown, Ward 2  
Meredith Leighty, Mayor YES
Katherine Goff, Ward 3 YES
Shannon Lukeman-Hiromasa, Ward 4 YES
Jay Jaramillo, Ward 2 YES
Nicholas Walker, Ward 1 YES
Richard Kondo, Ward 3 YES
Tim Long, Ward 4 YES
Megan Burns, Ward 1 YES

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