Voting archives from City Council meeting on 2024-01-22

Consent Agenda: Jan. 8, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes; CR-13 - ADCOG Subregional Transportation Forum Representative & Alternate; CR-14 - Adams County Regional Economic Partnership Representative & Alternate; CR-15 - Business Relations Coordinator; CR-16 - Colorado Communities for Climate Action Representative & Alternate; CR-17 - Colorado Municipal League Representative & Alternate; CR-18 - Community Co-Production Policing Advisory Board Ex-Officio Member; CR-19 - Denver Regional Council of Governments Representative & Alternate; CR-20 - Diversity, Inclusivity & Social Equity Board Ex-Officio Member; CR-21 - Finance Committee Members; CR-22 - Historic Preservation Commission Ex-Officio Member; CR-23 - Legislative Policy Committee Members; CR-24 - Metro Mayors Caucus Appointment; CR-25 - Mile High Flood Control District Appointment; CR-26 - North Area Transportation Alliance Representative & Alternate; CR-27 - Northglenn Arts & Humanities Liaison; CR-28 - Northglenn Senior Organization Liaison; CR-29 - Northglenn Urban Renewal Authority Member; CR-30 - Outside Agency Funding Committee Members; CR-31 - Parks & Recreation Board Ex-Officio Member; CR-32 - Planning Commission Ex-Officio Member; CR-33 - Rocky Flats Stewardship Council Representative; CR-34 - Rocky Mountain Partnership Representative & Alternate; CR-35 - Youth Commission Ex-Officio Member

Yes: 9, No: 0, Abstain: 0

Individual votes:

Meredith Leighty, Mayor YES
Megan Burns, Ward 1 YES
Nicholas Walker, Ward 1 YES
Adam Nowicki, Ward 2 YES
Jay Jaramillo, Ward 2 YES
Katherine Goff, Ward 3 YES
Richard Kondo, Ward 3 YES
Shannon Lukeman-Hiromasa, Ward 4 YES
Jody Roper, Ward 4 YES

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