CITY OF northglenn
June 8, 2020
7:00 p.m.


Due to the closure of City facilities related to the COVID-19 pandemic, City Council members will participate in this meeting electronically.

No City Council members will be physically present at City Hall for this meeting.


Public access to the meeting will be available on the local government access Channel 8

and on the City's YouTube channel at


Public access will also be available by telephone:

Call-in Numbers: +1(720)961-5043 or +1(720)902-7700

Meeting ID: 148 303 3322


Public participation Options

Prior to the Meeting:

By E-mail: Members of the public may provide public comment in advance of the meeting by emailing the City Clerk at Email messages must be received by 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 8, 2020.

By Phone: Members of the public may provide public comment in advance of the meeting by leaving a voicemail at 303-450-8757. Voicemail messages must be received by 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 8, 2020.

Comments received by the deadline will be read or played into the record by staff during the meeting.


During the Meeting:

By Phone: Members of the public may call the phone numbers above to participate in the meeting. All callers will be muted and may only comment during the times allotted for public comment as indicated on the agenda below. When prompted, please state your desire to provide public comment. Once you have been recognized by the Mayor, state your name and address, and provide your comments to the City Council.

Those wishing to speak are asked to text their name and which item they wish to speak on to 303-450-8757 to better organize the public comment periods. Please note: an opportunity to speak will be provided to those who do not wish to text their intent to speak.

  1.  Call to Order:

  2.  Roll Call:

  3.  Pledge of Allegiance:

  4.  MOMENT OF SILENCE:    In Memory of George Floyd

  5.  Response to Citizen Inquiry:

  6.  Agenda Additions and Deletions:


  7.  interview:

A.    Leslie Carrico - Northglenn Urban Renewal Authority



A.    Pride Month - June 2020

  9.  Presentations:

A.    2019 Audit - RSM US, LLP

B.    Police Department Assessment Project Status & Police Officer Training Overview - Chief May

 10.  Public Invited To Be Heard: 5 Minutes Per Speaker        Opportunity for public comment

(Statements shall be related to City business and limited to matters of community interest)

 11.  Communications:

A.  Mayor and Council

               1.    Legislative Policy Committee Update - Discussion and Possible Action:

               2.    Other City Council Committees

B.  City Manager, City Clerk, and City Attorney


 12.  Consent Agenda:

A.  Approval of Minutes:    May 18, 2020 Special Meeting; and June 1, 2020 Special Meeting

B.  CR-82 - Leighty:          Acceptance of Bureau of Justice Grant - Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Grant

A RESOLUTION accepting a grant award from the bureau of justice assistance

C.  CR-96 - Leighty:          Acceptance of the Audit of the 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

A RESOLUTION accepting the audit of the comprehensive annual financial report for the city of northglenn, colorado for the year ended december 31, 2019

 13.  Items Removed From Consent Agenda:


 14.  ordinances - first reading:

A.  CB-1945 - Leighty:         Adoption of 2020 Model Traffic Code

A bill for an ordinance adopting by reference as a primary code the model traffic code for colorado, 2020 edition by repealing and reenacting sections 7-1-1 through 7-1-7, and 7-1-13 of the northglenn municipal code


 15.  Resolutions:

A.  CR-97 - Leighty:          2020 Speed Table Construction

A RESOLUTION approving an agreement between the city of northglenn and keci colorado, inc. for the 2020 speed table construction project


 16.  Public Invited To Be Heard: 3 Minutes Per Speaker        Opportunity for public comment

(Statements should be related to an item previously addressed by Council during the meeting)

 17.  Adjournment:

If you have a disability and need auxiliary aids or services to attend or participate in this meeting, please contact the City of Northglenn at 303.450.8877 at least 72 hours in advance of when services are needed.